Saturday, 19 September 2009

Zarjaz 08

Way back in February, I did this warm-up piece for a strip I was going to be doing for Zarjaz. I can now reveal that the strip is called Red Dragon. Red Dragon is a Welsh superhero from the Zenith universe created by Grant Morrison.

I was particularly excited that this was going to be my first published strip, as I have been a fan of Zenith since it first appeared in 2000AD over 20 years ago.

Issues of Zarjaz containing my strip will be available soon... see here and don't forget I've got something coming up in Dogbreath too, you can pre-order both of these awesome fanzines soon via the same link! Please do help to support these fanzines as they are non-profit ventures and without them it would be far more difficult to begin a career in comics.


mygrimmbrother said...

It's a corker Kev. How did you achieve that flame effect?

james corcoran said...

Great stuff always loved the Red Dragon and the myriad of other parallel superheroes in it, always felt it was a shame we never saw more of them.

Emperor said...

Having seen some samples from this story a while ago herem I can't wait to read the story. While another story starring Zenith himself might be tricky the beauty of the universe he created is that there is a vast range of supporting characters all with tonnes of potential.

And yes everyone should pick up Dogbreath and Zarjaz, although I must admit I have a vested interest as I have something in both the next ones (and I think MGB has something in Dogbreath). Just don't forget the others from FQP: FutureQuake and Something Wicked (OK I have a single pager in the latter too but that shouldn't put anyone off ;) ).

Mark said...

Looks great. Good luck with the lawsuit!

matt dawson said...

Really striking piece! VERY effective use of the fire and the motion blur outer edge. I particularly like the fact that he's monochrome, boosts the flames!

verification: boyanglo - boy and glow in welsh ???!!! Spoooooky coincidence, it's a sign from the google god's that you're on the right track m'boy! :)