Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Punisher

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Pretty happy with this, less than three hours including the the sketch.


PJ Holden said...

Like it. Good 'n gritty - looks like there's an edge to it, you kinda feel frank could lunge at you at any second (maybe fraction more snarl)


qualia said...

looks fantastic. i almost want to reach out and touch the tatty pages.

Emperor said...

Oh now that hits the spot - the spot somewhere in your mouth and you'd be luck to walk away with any teeth left.

I believe some of Tharg's feedback was to try a more naturalistic style - if you could hit that look in a Dredd I think you could swing Ol' Green Bonce. Get the right story - probably one with lots of people being punched in the head ;) I know it is a more fully-painted approach but I think it is worth trying out just so you can demonstrate the range you can bring to the table.

james corcoran said...

Really nice Kev!
Love the textures and Frank looks good and mean.Would be good to see some strip work n this style.

Emperor said...

It might be worth doing a sample Punisher page in that style. If you are showing material to Marvel (CB Cebulski?) or Panini then having two different styles which both work well with different types of stories could be a BIG help. I'm sure artists can vary their style but if an editor knows your range it makes their life easier when "casting" the artists for stories and if you've managed to stick in their mind with some tasty samples then you are in !!

The Comic Book Script Archive has Punisher MAX #55 and it might be there is a good page there which could allow you room to shine (if you want suggestions I'm sure a few of us would be happy to go through the script and give our opinions - like we are ever short of those ;) ).