Sunday, 30 May 2010

Kev Lev Block

A few months ago, the awesome Dylan Teague asked me how I got textures into my artwork as I was colouring my stuff in photoshop... I shared some of my stock textures for overlaying etc. and my reward was that he snuck my name into a panel on a Mega-City block! (see panel below).

The episode of Judge Dredd that this comes from (Meat) is in this month's Judge Dredd Megazine and is written by Rob Williams, this is a great little story, one of my favourite one-offs for a while - and no, not just because my name is on a block... truly, it's a good little story (with sumptuous art) from two of the best creators in the business.

There has been a long tradition of names appearing on City-Blocks in Judge Dredd, and as a child I dreamt that one day my name would appear on one... so, that's another personal goal I can tick off!

To recap then, where the prog is concerned, in the last couple of years I have had a letter published, I got an associated mention in the Nerve Centre and now, I've got my name on a block... the next goals are the really big ones, but ones I feel I'm man enough to attempt now - people tell me I'm good enough and that it's only a matter of time... I think I'm starting to believe*!

* maybe, from afar, whilst wearing a disguise.

Friday, 28 May 2010

'Her' Again

Rough pencils:

Rougher still:

Rough as a bag of sand paper:

I was running out of time when I was working on the pencils and had to rush these roughs somewhat... I doubt anyone would have been able to ink these for me, there was a substantial amount of tightening up before I went to inks.

There was a slight change of plan with page one, panel four, after the Emperor made a suggestion about the two "heroes" perhaps falling together. Originally I'd conceived of a situation where the beheaded guy's head was resting between his legs, but I think the reworked version is so much more successful as it allowed for the head to still be looking at Her... even in death, he is besotted with Her!


There is much to be happy about with these pages, although one thing stands out to me as needing some work, page two, panel one, is a little unclear what is going on, scale is also an issue - if I'm honest this was a problem panel. If I was tackling it again I would probably eliminate the whale, it's not really earning its keep and in a creature heavy page, some sort of funky raft might be funnier...

It was a pretty quick turnaround, I completed all the art in pretty quick time, so I won't beat myself up too much over one slightly dodgy panel and a couple of inconsistencies.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Something Big is Coming

This is panel 1 from a strip I've just finished working on...

*EDIT - I was in a hurry yesterday*
The strip was written by the magnificent and omnipresent Emperor and lettered by the ever fantastic Mr. Jim Campbell, and it's all about Her!
The full strip should be viewable later today over on this topic on the MillarWorld forum... fingers crossed for me eh?

Right, off to Bristol I go!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fractal Friction Page 21

Cor! Can you believe we are up to page 21?!?!!
For those of you interested in this sort of thing... Here are the original pencils, including the panel that was revised.

And here are the inks.

If you want to see what a spot of colour did to these inks, head on over to Fractal Friction to see the finished page...

Monday, 10 May 2010

The General's Gaze

There's more to this chap than meets the eye... I'm still not gonna say any more, but on Friday, all will be revealed!

This is from a panel that got axed after the pencils stage, it was rightly decided (by my collaborators and myself) that the pacing was wrong on the page and so there was a panel change made to improve the flow.