Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sneaky Peek

A bit slow on the up-take news-wise, but it looks like a cracking little Dredd strip I finally finished late last year will be out over the summer in Zarjaz issue 15.

Judge Dredd, The Taking of Mopad 456 by Lee Robson and myself.

Some stages for this teaser panel:

part of the bonkers amount of work I did in google sketch-up... in my opinion you can't really tell how much I did used models, for good or bad!

sketched over to add good old Joe Dredd in there. He's celebrating 35 years in comics this week! 2000ad was 35 last week...

here's the inks, see, most of that modelling was a waste of time, or certainly seems to fade into the background.

finally, the toned version ready to have some textures added.