Saturday, 29 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 2.2

A whole week between posts... Hopefully this page coloured up will make up for that - there's a lot to look at here, although you'll have to click the image for the full uncensored perv-fest!! assuming you want to that is!

I've been a bit busy on other projects this week, but in the periods between I've just sneaked a little colour on to this page here and there as time allowed.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 1.6

Matt and Jim made some comments on the colouring of this page. I've done some minor revisions to try to help lift the bottom set of panels.

I was in London on Tuesday to pick-up some art supplies and to look for a couple of comics. For those of you familiar with Berwick Street (where there's now a books and comics exchange), I kept getting a weird sense that, in some ways, my first panel here has a feel of that little single lane off Oxford Street.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Drawer Geeks - Witch

I did this really quickly for DrawerGeeks.

I like some stuff about it, but the stiffness of that arm is really bugging me!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Leeds Royal Armouries

I travelled up to Leeds via the great railed extortion method... Holiday Inn Express, right next door to the Comic Convention, was a lovely hotel. In fact, the whole Clarence Dock regeneration area was very nice.

Unfortunately 2000AD were only sponsoring the 'Thought-bubble' event and not attending. So, I didn't get to show my new samples to the avocado-editor but it wasn't a total waste of time going as I think I may have developed a couple of new contacts. Even though I only hung around the convention hall for a couple of hours I think it was a pretty good and well organized event.

Leeds is a great city and has a lot going for it, especially The Corn Exchange (which is being refitted), The Arcades and The Royal Armouries which are very much worth a visit.

In the armouries, these exhibits caught my eye... they by no means do the museum justice, as it has so much to offer. All I can say is, if you are in Leeds, you should at least pop into the Armouries as it is a free experience that may alter the way you look at armour and weaponry.

The next opportunity to show my work at a convention will be Hi-Ex in three months... but Inverness is a hell of a long way to go and I can always submit stuff by post. For now though, comic-art is going to have to take a back seat as I have some other fish to fry.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 1.5

Page one in glorious technicolour!

I'm not sure how well this works. I just felt I needed some splash of colour in the samples I show in Leeds - wish me luck as I once again shove my work under Tharg's nose (assuming the funky green gentleman has decided to attend).

Judge Dredd - Informant 4.0

This page is a dirty protest, at best...

I think it needs loads of work and it's no where near as dynamic as page three... I was trying to slow the pace a little here as the story progresses quite a lot over the page. Unfortunately I've completely killed it. I don't think there are enough changes of 'camera' angle. No time to do anything about that before Leeds... but if it's a 'no cigar' situation, at least I'll know what to do next!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 3.1

*EDIT* as pointed out by Matt in the comments, this page needed censoring - apologies. *EDIT*


I'm quite pleased with this page...

First thing tomorrow - page four!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 3.0

*EDIT* this page needed censoring - apologies. *EDIT*

Crime Blitz! Judge Dredd and a squad of day-stick wielding Judges storm Zac's newly inherited bar - they strip search the clientele and bust Zac for owning a squalid erotic dance club... life is anything but fair in Mega-City One!!

Even though these pencils aren't as tight as the previous pages, I'm inking them now...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 2.1

Inks for page two... again, I've censored the saucy bits, so if you're over 18, or your mum/dad says it's ok, you can click the image to reveal a larger, uncensored version!

I've packed this page and page one full of little details that aren't 100% apparent viewing them on the blog - they're there though and hopefully that will help make these new pages more interesting to look at.

I think these new pages are more dynamic also. I've payed special attention to my figures and think they are definitely more polished than in the last samples. I've also thought about the page as a whole as well as each individual panel and I think that the pages are better balanced for that.

Oh well, I've got approximately four days until I need to have the pages finished - I don't think I'll have all six ready in time for Leeds but I'm fairly confident I can get four done (one of them in colour). Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Miss Moneypenny's An Eejit

The current topic over at DrawerGeeks is James Bond 007, obviously in honour of The Quantum of Solace release last week...

I've seen it and it's a thumpin' good 'un - it's getting some duff reviews, but I think that's as a reaction to the fact that expectations after Casino Royale were extremely high - I think we need to remember how much better than some of the other Bond movies this new one is... go and see it, it's great!

The main thing I've missed in the Daniel Craig films is the delightful MI5 secretary and her flirty quips... even though she is daft enough to fantasize about James, I've always liked her character, especially Samantha Bond's more sassy incarnation.

This was a very quick pencil sketch that I threw some colour on in photoshop - it's a bit rough but I didn't want to get side tracked from the Dredd script too much more.

If you're wondering about this post's title, it's an Alan Partridge quote - Steve Coogan at his best...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 1.4

Well, here are the inks for page one...

I think it's coming together now... I've got a lot of the roughs for pages 3, 4 and 5 done. I really need to focus if I'm going to have it all done for Leeds. I think I'm only going to have enough time to colour this page, I'd like to do page two as well... but we'll see what constraints old father time lays on me (trying to sell the house and assorted other distractions have got in the way somewhat!)