Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 1.4

Well, here are the inks for page one...

I think it's coming together now... I've got a lot of the roughs for pages 3, 4 and 5 done. I really need to focus if I'm going to have it all done for Leeds. I think I'm only going to have enough time to colour this page, I'd like to do page two as well... but we'll see what constraints old father time lays on me (trying to sell the house and assorted other distractions have got in the way somewhat!)


qualia said...

It looks great inked. Really looking forward to seeing the colour version.

matt dawson said...

Despite what we talked about with that last frame (which is just tweeks) this is looking very good indeed... with some really eye catching virtuoso character construction! Whatever you get finished for Leeds at least this page shows your capabilities.

PS. the word verification for this comment was ARELSOL

Stephen Reid said...

Nice work Kev.
That top panel is really damn good. If I ever see you...I'm gonna break your fingers!