Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 3.1

*EDIT* as pointed out by Matt in the comments, this page needed censoring - apologies. *EDIT*


I'm quite pleased with this page...

First thing tomorrow - page four!


qualia said...

it looks great as it is but also very promising; i can't wait to see it in colour. if you have only limited time after inking your panels, it might be worth making it a priority to have this in colour for the bubble event. x

matt dawson said...

Be more than pleased... this is great! The canine's pendulous appendages! The splintered panel is a very nice touch, as is the reveal of what Judge D's sole looks like. Is that the guy's basic silhoutte form reflected in Dredds visor on panel 5...nice touch. There is a lovely humerous edge to the action and expressions which stamps it as distinctivley Kev. This is your style, and worth cultivating (where appropriate to the narrative) I'd say. One point.. as Fletcher in Porridge would say... you have 'unfettered knockers' on your blog page... (no censors panel) guess that means you have a 21A rating now...:)

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matt dawson said...

PS. I meant "12A"

PPS. spooky same thought as always, the Harrier is the next one I was going to do!


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essedesign said...

gooood work Kev! so dinamic!

Lee said...

Looking good Kev! nice page...