Monday, 17 November 2008

Leeds Royal Armouries

I travelled up to Leeds via the great railed extortion method... Holiday Inn Express, right next door to the Comic Convention, was a lovely hotel. In fact, the whole Clarence Dock regeneration area was very nice.

Unfortunately 2000AD were only sponsoring the 'Thought-bubble' event and not attending. So, I didn't get to show my new samples to the avocado-editor but it wasn't a total waste of time going as I think I may have developed a couple of new contacts. Even though I only hung around the convention hall for a couple of hours I think it was a pretty good and well organized event.

Leeds is a great city and has a lot going for it, especially The Corn Exchange (which is being refitted), The Arcades and The Royal Armouries which are very much worth a visit.

In the armouries, these exhibits caught my eye... they by no means do the museum justice, as it has so much to offer. All I can say is, if you are in Leeds, you should at least pop into the Armouries as it is a free experience that may alter the way you look at armour and weaponry.

The next opportunity to show my work at a convention will be Hi-Ex in three months... but Inverness is a hell of a long way to go and I can always submit stuff by post. For now though, comic-art is going to have to take a back seat as I have some other fish to fry.


qualia said...

gosh, they do look amazing. shame you didn't get to show your stuff to tharg but glad you met new people. see you soon, x

dugbuddy said...

Hokey Smokes what a show!!!

matt dawson said...

So glad you liked the old 'town', wish I could have seen it too! I loved that Samurai armour when visited the Armouries. Shame about the corn exchange... or maybe it will look even better when it's done...? Perhaps I'm being overly sentimental.