Thursday, 13 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 1.5

Page one in glorious technicolour!

I'm not sure how well this works. I just felt I needed some splash of colour in the samples I show in Leeds - wish me luck as I once again shove my work under Tharg's nose (assuming the funky green gentleman has decided to attend).


qualia said...

i love seeing things in colour, hope it goes well this weekend, x

Jim Boswell said...

Good luck, hope Tharg is there and he likes what you've done - you've really put the hours in!

I'm liking panel 1 here a lot - great depth of field and use of colours - for some reason I feel the colours in the next 4 panels fall a little flat compared to the eye-catching big panel, not sure why! Maybe too much yellow/brown?

Tharg didn't like my colours last time I saw him, so it's something I'm working on :-) Great page.

dugbuddy said...

Good like my friend. Really nice and clean work. Pleasantly easy to read. I have no idea what anybody is looking for, I like it.

matt dawson said...

for me (just an opinion) I'd experiment with a different T-shirt colour. I know it's a cliché but I always saw it as white/grubby white with coloured graphic. Jim Boswell may well be right and all your warm earth tones are on 'one level' so to speak. Also, the green guy on the right of panel one gives the scene a military feel, is that what you were after...? If so, hey, great! Finally in this negative waffle, panel two, the pen needs rendering (I'm sure the late night caused that one sir!). It is great work sir... I'm just being overly analitical... ignore as necessary! :)

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