Sunday, 9 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 2.1

Inks for page two... again, I've censored the saucy bits, so if you're over 18, or your mum/dad says it's ok, you can click the image to reveal a larger, uncensored version!

I've packed this page and page one full of little details that aren't 100% apparent viewing them on the blog - they're there though and hopefully that will help make these new pages more interesting to look at.

I think these new pages are more dynamic also. I've payed special attention to my figures and think they are definitely more polished than in the last samples. I've also thought about the page as a whole as well as each individual panel and I think that the pages are better balanced for that.

Oh well, I've got approximately four days until I need to have the pages finished - I don't think I'll have all six ready in time for Leeds but I'm fairly confident I can get four done (one of them in colour). Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!


qualia said...

it looks great, i like the club name and the little touches, it will look amazing in colour, x

Bee said...

Amazed at how much you turn out and to such a high standard, great work (love your approach to censorship too!)