Monday, 10 November 2008

Judge Dredd - Informant 3.0

*EDIT* this page needed censoring - apologies. *EDIT*

Crime Blitz! Judge Dredd and a squad of day-stick wielding Judges storm Zac's newly inherited bar - they strip search the clientele and bust Zac for owning a squalid erotic dance club... life is anything but fair in Mega-City One!!

Even though these pencils aren't as tight as the previous pages, I'm inking them now...


qualia said...

i think this is one of the best pages you've done. even at first glance, it is so dynamic and there really is so much going on. i do feel very sorry for the boy with his pants down, he really doesn't look like he is about to have much fun...mighty tharg should love this, i won't be impressed with him if not...x

phil said...

I agree totally with Qualia, it's one of the best pages you've done. I like all the little jokes you've put in here nd there, v. 2000AD.

matt dawson said...

comment attempt 2!!! Thank you blogger!

This is very nice...really dynamic and a well composed page layout. You can read the sequence at a glance but all the small details make you want to linger. Also, you have the Judge scale right in panel 3... well remembered. A really pro page!

2.1 inks are great. You seem to have refined and resolved expressions in your inking. The 3 panles at the bottom have a lovely sequence of emotions fro you protagonist to run through. He really looks 'all at sea' in this series of events. I know you are colouring page one but I look forward to seeing this page in colour when you have time.

todays verification: manis - the new aftershave from Calvin Klein...pou homme, because you're worth it...?!