Friday, 25 September 2009

Sinister Dexter Pg.1 rough

Here is a sneak peak at that page again... very rough (and incomplete) colours this time, not wholly sure that the 'painted' approach is working for me. The script asks for early evening and I've wondered about rendering the whole page as an orangey or sepia tonal thing.

Rendering without the benefit of a nice ink line to follow makes the task of colouring up a lot more intense... Inked lines hide a multitude of sins and the thicker they are the better they are at hiding where I've gone over the lines!

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Emperor said...

Worth bering in mind that you can ink over the top of the fully-painted look. I'm sure I've read an interview with John Burns where he said he'd started doing this recently. I'm sure some recent art I've seen elsewhere does this.

However, it might just be the wrong strip for this style. It is set in the daytime and (if the Punisher picture is anything to go by) it might be the night suits this as big slabs of black are a help ;) After all the bright cartoony art this was originally done in might be the right choice for this (Tharg is a genius at "casting" the right artist for the right gig and this might just be it).

Still I definitely feel it is worth pursuing this angle.