Friday, 11 September 2009

Fireside Fun

That story I'm working on again today, these are the inks for panel one, page one. I've taken a bit longer to do the page than I had wanted to, but amongst the other things that were happening this week, not I'm unhappy. I think I'll eventually add tone to the strip, but I've got a bit longer to complete this than I first thought. So you'll have to wait longer than expected to see the final thing, sorry!

This weekend, the 'Godfather' of 2000AD, Pat Mills will be signing copies of his latest stories to be collected as trade paper backs, at Orbital Comics in London... with him will be the talented artists who he's worked with on these books, Leigh Gallagher and Clint Langley. As Pat is such a huge figure in the history of the comic, I thought I might pop along and try to show him some samples - you never know, it might do some good... if you see me there, say hello!

1 comment:

Emperor said...

Seriously nice work - I can't wait for this (but apprently I have to :( ).

It might be the background but what really struck me when comparing this with the pencils, was the way you did the leaves on the trees. It must have taken ages but not only makes the foreground pop but it frames the tree trunks too setting them off nicely.