Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Like the days of my youth!

Yes, the remains of the young man I once was have now passed on to a new home...

The flashy beast that was my much loved green Puma has been turned into much needed hard currency...

A touch incongruous with my nature, I decided that I needed, and proceeded to buy the car brand new just before the Y2K. It was bought with money I earned whilst designing toys that were exactly the same shape and size as landfill.

As Tyler Durden says - "The things you own, end up owning you" and sadly this was what was happening with my car... being a freelance artist, I don't really need a car, and since the move to Cambridge where amenities are close at hand, I was paying out loads each month, just for the benefit of being a car owner. Sense prevailed and reluctantly I sold away my youth in the name of practicality!

Sketch was done a number of years ago, back when Puma's were new and edgy!

1 comment:

matt dawson said...

She's gone! Well sold sir... don't fret, if he feels too static the Puma can motor with the Fox anytime (makes us sound like gentlemen jewel thieves or hit men :)