Monday, 21 September 2009


I've finished the inks and the tone for the first part of the story. I've mucked about briefly with a logo and the lettering too.

I was going to use something like DragonBones or Ales and Wenches from Blambot to letter this strip, but after doing only two balloons of text and trying both - I kind of knew that it was going to just look gimmicky...
I probably won't show anything more from this until it's due to be printed and I think that's likely to be around this time next year!

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Emperor said...

Looks great - I can't wait to see it on the page, but apparently I will have to ;) Still it makes the FQP boys' lives easier to have something in the bag so early.

You are also probably right on the font choice - it might have looked nifty but it is also quite a small page size so the simpler the font the better. Also those kind of fancy fonts can outstay their welcome quite quickly, especially if you are struggling to read it (I am thinking of the problems with that one instalment of Defoe with the handwritten font).

Anyway good stuff - what's next?