Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Godfather of 2000AD

Just a really quick post to say I was chuffed and honoured yesterday...
Pat Mills, yes, PAT (godfather) MILLS, was both warm and charming and thought my work was really nice, and I quote:
"Yeah, you're really just looking for the right story... and a commissioning editor!"
I gave him a business card, so who knows!

Thanks Pat, you don't know how much it meant to hear your words of encouragement.
My thanks to Leigh Gallagher also, for encouraging me to take a few pages along to show Pat on the off chance.

This quick sketch was done a while ago for a job that went else where, but seems oddly appropriate in relation to my mood.

I also saw a couple of good pals in London, went to the J.W.Waterhouse exhibit at the RA - really great, amazing works of art but a little poorly organized/run. All in all, a really good day, bring on BICS!


Dave said...

That's great news Kev, well done!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

qualia said...


Mark said...

In Pat's case, it might be more of a Gaia-Father than Godfather!

And there's definitely a couple of worse artists than you getting regular work from Tharg, Kev. Maybe they ave compromising photos of him and Mek-Quake or something. You'll get there soon.

Emperor said...

Pat's comments are along the same lines as my gut feelings (which is always nice to discover) so keep exploring all the angles and things should start slotting together. My gut also tells me Panini should snatch your arm off on the strength of Spider-Man strip, which would give you a base to build from.

Look at the career of Richard Elson - he got a few one-offs from Tharg, ended up with an 8 year run on Sonic the Comic and came storming back to 2000 AD knocking the ball out of the park every time and now looks to be on the brink of breaking into US comics too.

It is only the sad state of the British comics market that means you aren't getting pro comics work now. The good thing is the strong small press scene means you can work on honing your craft and get more eyes on your work, it is just a pity there is no cash in it. :(

Lee Townsend said...

Great news Kev very positive well done! funny enough I was in London to on Saturday, I did not know about the signing we could have met up? I am sure there will be another time, met up with John Charles who has coloured up a lot of my work for Marvel Heroes.

james corcoran said...

Well done Kev your definately knocking at the door I agree that you should try panini and others with your Spiderman samples.Keep it up!

matt dawson said...

Twas a really great day in London sir...both for business & pleasure !

Gibson Quarter said...

That's great to her...a little encouragement can go a long way!