Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sinister Dexter Pg.1 pencils

I've had the script for this for a while.
Sinister Dexter - Tart Au Citroen
Originally published in 2000AD prog 1282. I was intending to do this in the style I've been using for all my comic samples...

...but comments made on the Pulpy Punisher have led me to the decision to 'paint' this in photoshop. Thanks for the input everyone, I really appreciate the support.
I don't know how much of the script I'll get done in this style before BICS but I should be clear of other work to finish enough of it to be worth showing.


Emperor said...

Oh nice - I look forward to this!!

If you are pushed for time I'd say pick the page you think the style will really shine on an polish that one up like a diamond. No harm in flashing another page done in pencils either to show the process.

It is a good choice, as the original is actually done in a cartoony style. Your call on which pages would work well in the "Punisher-style" but the splash on page 4 could work (although I suppose you want to show off in a sequential arena) as would page 5.

matt dawson said...

Fascinating to see your construction lines on this one. It really adds up to a pro job! Love the 2CV and I'm really getting a sense of the female character just from these few panels, and no dialogue. Going well sir! It will be very interesting to see the painted up colours as a counterpoint to your usual approach. Talk next week sir!