Friday, 3 July 2009

Twisted Toucan

Well, I'm jumping the gun with this as we still haven't had Phil's Praying Mantis (no pressure)... But after yesterday's posting I was sketching and drew this evil little creature. The next animal to distort was a Toucan, as selected by Matt and I thought that this fit the bill, or rather, the beak!

Burnt, evil, or another demon like the helliphant - you decide... All I know is that it's my choice of creature for the next round - and damn it, I'm choosing a Donkey... no horses or zebras or other equine relatives, the wonderfully expressive Donkey has only that grumpy purple thing representing it's species in popular culture - time to redress the balance!


Philip Morgan said...

Hey! No Fair! :) I've still got to colour my Mantis up, but I'm nearly there. Ace sketch, it looks like a toucan that's taken up feeding on carrion.

Thanks for your comments on my IF 'Worn' entry this week. I'm glad you like it, I'm trying to loosen up and post more sketches.

matt dawson said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVELY inking sir! Rackham would nod in approval. What's not to like... characterful, distinctive, expressive technique.... toucan meets vulture/crow as Phil says. Your quick, spontaneous ink sketches are a delight to behold!

My toucan coming up sirs!