Thursday, 16 July 2009

Harley Quinn

I'm honoured to have been invited by Graeme Neil Reid to contribute to Scotch Corner. Scotch Corner is a collection of (top) Scottish professional artists, and although the only thing even remotely scotch about me is a penchant for 12 year malts, I am chuffed that I'll be in such illustrious company. Just as soon as I work up the sketch below to a finished standard, I'll send it to Graeme, with thanks for his continued support!

Batman villainess, Harley Quinn - does she need any explanation or reasoning? I'm gonna do a clich├ęd 'joker card' background that she's just shot/blasted her way through, hence the 'bow/curtsy' and hopefully it'll work. I've slapped some rough colour down and she's looking sexy enough... I have some other stuff to muddle through today and thoughts before I get back to it later (most likely tomorrow) would be most appreciated.

In other news, my refreshed website is up and ready for critiques. There are some errors I've already found and there are some things that can't be revealed just yet... but please pop along and let me know what you think. Thanks to Phil for plugging it already on his blog too!


matt dawson said...

Congratulations on your north of the border endorsement sir! Richly deserved, and I'm liking the direct Harley Quinn is taking... sassy, sexy. It might be just me (and I know you said you'd be working the sketch...) but is her heeed a wee bit too wee...? A great character choice though and perfect for your portfolio!

verification: "jubcan"

Philip Morgan said...

Hi Kev, liking the Harley Quinn. The stance is effective but I'm inclined to agree with Matt over her head. Maybe her outstretched hand could be more theatrical, and I'm not sure about having her nipples showing. From the hint you've given us of the pattern on her cat suit, I think that will turn out well.