Thursday, 23 July 2009

Donkey O'Tay and Sancho Panda

Two? TWO posts in one day? surely not!
Twisted Creatures again... a quickly coloured up ink sketch.

I had chosen the humble Donkey for this round, please follow the links to see Matt's and Phil's for very different, but wonderful takes on the theme.

Ever since I was small I've always mis-heard the pronunciation of Don Quixote... This idea wasn't going anywhere until I talked to my lovely wife the other day and she casually said "What about Donkey O'Tay and Sancho Panda?" - I swear, I nearly wet myself.

Phil has chosen the Hyena as the next victim creature.


matt dawson said...

Ah, Donkey O'Tay, that famous four legged Irish knight errant :) Lovely, tangental take Kev. Has Sancho been at the fermented bamboo juice...looks like he's nursing a b*st*rd behind the eyes! Love it, this twisted creatures game is fun, fun, fun:)

Philip Morgan said...

Liking the take on Donkey, I'd thought about doing a second donkey based on Donkey O'Tey and Don Coyote. But yours is much better than what I had in mind. I'd have never gotten round to it anyway, so double chuffed you've done this.

Love your 2000AD cover too, you're really getting to grips with your game.

Graeme Neil Reid said...

:) ha