Thursday, 9 July 2009

Channel 4 - Life Class

Today's programme had three shorter poses in contrast to yesterday's single set-up.


Consumate professional Ken Fahy hardly moved at all, he had a great physique that was really interesting to draw.


This was my favourite pose of the lot - there were some fascinating details in the hands that I would have loved to have had more time to observe.


The long pose was this classic foreshortened pose, I'm pretty happy with it - although a little longer would have again been good.

I think this is a great programme, Channel 4 has unsurprisingly had complaints - I can see that from a parental point of view, it's not what you want your child to see at lunchtime - but is it really so offensive?

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Philip Morgan said...

These two days of life drawings have been really good to see. You've managed to get some very strong work out of them, and it's always nice to see your quick sketches.