Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Channel 4 - Life Class

I sat down to eat my lunch and I found that Channel 4 has been running a programme all this week called Life Class: Today's Nude.
I cast aside my sandwich and quickly grabbed a pencil and some paper and started sketching. Good old Channel 4 - nudity at lunchtime, great for the digestion... anyway, I'm still trying to keep a PG rating here, so, if you're interested, click the image below to view the whole sketch.

For all you artists out there, the programme is available on demand here for the next month. The model was the beautiful Kirsten Varley, and this programme was hosted by Gary Hume (Turner Prize nominee and graduate of Goldsmiths).

I might go back and watch the previous episodes - The show is on again tomorrow and Friday @ 12:30 for 30minutes - with about 15-20mins of model time onscreen (Channel 4+1 could also give you a second crack at the whip, so-to-speak). Hopefully I'll post sketches from these other episodes too.

I thought this was a great opportunity to do some much needed life drawing without expensive classes... the only mild criticism I have is that the incidental music was decidedly "soft porn" - something I think life drawing classes struggle with in terms of the public's perception of what they are - careless on behalf of the programme makers, I think.

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matt dawson said...

I really miss life drawing so I guess this is the next best thing (not as great on computer screen catch up v's widescreen TV broadcast...beggers can't be choosers) An interesting concept though... I scanned through the first episode...thought they should have had some quick warm up 2 minute poses to contrast the longer pose...maybe? Good tip though sir! And a nice expressive study, you've managed to capture something of the model regardless of the TV screen in the way!