Wednesday, 3 June 2009


My good pal Phil has reminded me of a game we used to play. A sort of show and tell with illustration. Pick a creature/animal and then warp, twist, mutate it in a way that seems amusing/disturbing or similar. The game has begun afresh with elephants, here is Phil's octophant and here is Matt's caterpachyderm.

Elephants seem such nice creatures, full of kindness - so my distortion is less a splicing with another creature, more a warped demonic re-working - the Helliphant.

It really reminds me of the Podz creatures I was working on oh, so long ago!


qualia said...

tres scary and fabulous.

matt dawson said...

If happy drunks see pink elephants is this what alcoholics see!!! I'll never think of Dumbo in quite the same way again! Love the tail and the bat/tree ears. Your inking really is so solid and professional sir (plenty of practice eh...!?). On the subject of inking how did you get the feather 'hairs' highlight/lowlight effect on you peacock...? Very impressive work!

As far as the 2000AD cover recreation goes I absolutely prefer yours to the original in every way possible! Hope someone wants to swap/buy!

Philip Morgan said...

Disturbing! And definitely a Helliphant. Is he a carnivore or a herbivore? I think he's a carnivore, because I'm scared. Another fine piece, Sir. Looking forward to seeing the next creature.