Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mean Machine Angel

The new topic for DrawerGeeks is Angel.

I sketched stereotypical Hell's Angels for a bit, even got some great reference together for a Harley Davidson... then I thought about an Angel/Demon thing... but both of those things weren't inspiring me to produce anything I wanted to submit or even show. I was doing a 2000 AD related sketch this morning and something clicked into place.

Mean Machine Angel is a classic Judge Dredd villain. Mean was built in the 'Six Million Dollar Man' sense of the word by a kidnapped Doctor in a shack in the Cursed Earth. To my mind he's going to be a bit rusty and thrown together, a bit like something from Scrapheap Challenge and not at all 'top of the range' cybernetics.

Mean was once a nice boy who liked flowers... so I gave him wings (mainly to make the 'Angel' thing obvious for the uninitiated and nothing at all to do with Red Bull).


qualia said...

oooh, i like him!

Philip Morgan said...


james corcoran said...

Very nice Kev! That's a great Mean Machine

matt dawson said...

Confident and quirky. You can giggle at him as you run away from that cool claw.. ooooh the claw!

Nelson Evergreen said...

Ah! I remember admiring your Taormina illos when you posted them on the Drawing Board last year. Some fine work on display here. Ta for stopping by!