Friday, 19 June 2009

Dredd's Got A Second Sight

My old pal PJ has come up with more pearls of wisdom for aspiring comic artist everywhere... not only that but he sent me some suggestions for my Dredd Pin-up.

tightened pencils  •  and tonal values

He kindly made some modifications to yesterday's sketch and was very encouraging with it.
• He enlarged the left hand, pushing the foreshortening further has added slightly more dynamism to the overall pose.
• He also reduced the size of Dredd's helmet to make it part and parcel of the overall head - I think he was right to.

I've adjusted those things in Photoshop to my own file. I've also tightened up the pencils, added background details and some tonal values to check my forms are working ok.

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Anonymous said...

It's really shaping up Badgerboy... I think that it's also the first I've seen of your work which is a collaboration of sorts! I can imagine the pic blown up on a poster - all that's missing now is a little colour and a caption. Keep up the wonderful work! #;-) Monsieur Humpledinck