Tuesday, 30 June 2009

In Speech Balloons

Earlier in the year, I blogged about a free service that turned your handwriting into a workable truetype font... The service provided by yourfonts is no longer free, but I didn't think the font I had was good enough to use for my comic art... There are some fantastic free fonts available on Blambot for using on comic strips - a link I got from the most excellent gentlemen at FutureQuake Press - but somehow, using someone else's (comic) font doesn't feel like I'm lettering myself... kind of like borrowing the hands of another letterer - albeit digitally.

I spent some time in illustrator pushing nodes around the natural letter-forms I had produced in my last attempt. Once I had a font I felt might work and that still had some relationship to my block capitals, I went ahead and paid just under £8 for the automated service. I'm very happy with how the font works, I think it looks pretty good too... an example of it in action can be seen in my previous posting.


matt dawson said...

Money well spent to feel like it's all your own work. Very satisfying. A nicely constructed font. I see the blog has undergone some spring cleaning as well... I must admit I'll miss the old banner as I feel it was more intriguing and distinctive than the confrontational (though excellently executed) Dredd. Perhaps the banner art could update from time to time...? I'm a fine one to talk though, my banner has been like that for ages now!

qualia said...

i meant to get my own done ages ago and now look. oh well, your font does look great though and how much better to have a personalised version. see you soon, x