Sunday, 24 August 2008

Judge Dredd Pencil Test

Still trying to decide how I'm going to produce the finished art for the sample Dredd script.

I've blown up the rough pencils to 133% of 2000AD's actual page size in Photoshop and I've knocked it all back to blue-lines. Then I've printed them out on my nice shiny new Pixma iX4000 A3 printer.

I worked over the top of the roughs in pencil and scanned it back in. Just by mucking about with 'channel mixer' and 'levels' in Photoshop I've brought the pencil lines to as close to black as I can. I think it's ok, but for final art I'll need to be more careful with the line placement than I've been on this test.

I'm still debating in my mind actually inking these pages, as I really do want to produce something I can point at and call final art... I think I'm just lacking a little gung-ho attitude or perhaps even just a tiny bit of old-fashioned confidence. I'm hoping that will come with experience.

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Phil said...

Hi Kev, I've really been impressed with all the work you've been doing recently. You should definitely ink them in, perhaps you need to say to yourself "*uck it, why not?" and just do it.