Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Ain't Nobody...

Played around a little on page one, adding in some of the graphics and reworking panel two.

Also done a bit of reworking on panel one, page two. Still very rough on this page though.

Sorry if you've been led here by the title, this has got nothing to do with Rufus and Chaka Khan's tip-top eighties r'n'b soul classic! I love that song, but it's got naff all to do with Judge Dredd.

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Graeme Neil Reid said...

Hi, I've been lurking on your Blog for a while after Mr Weston pointed his loyal fans in your direction. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying watching your work progress and to wish you luck with the trial script for the Mighty Tharg. You certainly work quickly and that's a good sign :)

All the best,