Saturday, 23 August 2008

Judge Dredd - "Nobody" (roughs)

I've finished all the roughs for the sample script...

I think I'm far happier working at 80% to begin with...

I've just taken receipt of a shiny new A3 printer that I hope will streamline my inking process - I can now print out at actual size for inking!!

I've also just bought a copy of the Judge Dredd Megazine - number 275 - the one with Skidmarks across the front that heralds the return of Tankgirl to our fair shores (now illustrated by the luminous Rufus Dayglo).
Packed with this tippedy top issue is a collected volume of work by a very talented chap by the name of Jock (Mark Simpson) - really great stuff and in my opinion, especially suited to Dredd!

PJ Holden has this amazing iPhone comic concept coming soon:

The future of comics, right there... I think Taormina would work well with that interface, here's hoping!

I've edited this post quite a bit, I'm trying to keep post 100 free for something a bit more finished!

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qualia said...

looking good...obviously i don't know the story so this may be of no help but at the moment you're using up a lot of 'real estate' with your large black boxes. page 5 looks great with the box integrated so maybe it is worth making them a little smaller or integrating them more. On the other hand, it may also look great once inked and coloured, I have no idea. anyway, looking forward to seeing it done... x