Monday, 30 June 2008

Taormina - work in progress

It's been a criminally long time since I managed to get an episode of Taormina posted...
So, just so the three of you out there who're following her adventures don't think I've let her fall by the wayside. I thought I'd post a bit of work in progress.

This is the first panel, without line-work for now. There are some details to tighten up but the main thing I'm not happy with is the arm holding the log. Her whole pose is supposed to be a bit Boudicca. She is not worried about the haima-vulture and I want to maintain that confidence in her. Perhaps I can just lose the log from the last episode, not worry about that level of continuity and just have her hold on with both hands?

Anyway, this is just a taster and I hope to get the episode finished and posted this week.

Both the creatures in this are fierce too!


Qualia said...

She is cool and I love the vultures. Maybe if you lowered her hand a little so it doesn't look like she is holding a torch but has something at the ready if she needs it. Or she could be throwing it away. Anyway, can't wait to see the next installment, x

Eli said...

Looks great!

Yeah, the arm is a problem, I hate when I do stuff like that... nowadays in photoshop I have a million layers so it's easier to fix stuff like that.

But don't sweat the small stuff, the shading and everything else looks awesome!

matt dawson said...

I'd lose the log/stick if it's causing problems for you. I don't think your continuity is harmed by not having it (after all she threw it away so she had both hands free to mount her steed!). You could have had her throwing it spear like, impailing the vulture as she hung on to the flying cat one handed...but as you've already worked up this piece I won't suggest that...Very nice heroic pose by the by. If they ever errect a statue to Taormina this is what it would look like :)