Saturday, 7 June 2008

Just One More Book Logo

My good pal Matt gave me the link to a website that reviews kids' books, they are looking to redesign their website and have put out a call for concepts - for more information please visit the just one more book website.

I wanted my approach to hint at the magic of a book that you grow to love... I've always loved secondhand bookshops, digging around to find those lovely musty old books, first editions and rare misprints or simply fantastic bargains.

There is a particular smell that old books seem to have when in quantity and something peaceful about those old shops too. I feel increasingly sad that most of them will soon close and trade online... end of an age really.


Phil said...

Hi Kev,

I like the concept of this one, but maybe you could give a bit more of a clue as to the magical content of the book, perhaps by using the glow around the book to hint as shapes,stories and characters like you did for the worries painting, but with dreams instead of nightmares.


Kevin Levell said...

Grrr... why didn't I think of that? Thanks man - really appreciate the input!

matt dawson said...

Whatho Kevin!

Humbled by your comments, many thanks! Like you I've meant to comment on your last few posts.. hope this makes up for the laxity!

One more book:
Pip does manage to hit the proverbial nail. Your hand lettering is lovely as always, and entirely appropriate for the children's book theme but an addition of narrative elements escaping the book would hone it from magical mystery tome to cherished child's book. If memory serves your Peter Pan had the twinkly paths of movement which could form a base for a batch of silhouette characters...?

Inspired and full of Mediterranean promise! I love the deep blues, the perfect accompaniment to the scenery of the promenade at Ithaca I imagine. I also think you are spot on with the bubbles/droplets moving into the rich deep blue. This will work great both at an eye catching distance and holding interest and intriguing viewers when they get close up. This IS a poster and not just an illustration.

It's all about the expression on this one... marvelous and captured with such fluid ease (one of your strengths in my humble opinion). I wonder if you could (if so inclined) try this character as a Ernest Shepherd / John Tenniel type of 'classic' ink and watercolour illustration...though with a subversive edge...? It just has that feel to me. Imagine Waterson meets AA Milne...discuss...if you want to that is.

As you know I really like your characters on this one (you real strength again, the quick thumbnails are wonderful!!!). So much life and energy. Just colour your sketches and you won't go far wrong! Great to see you try out settings for your characters. The most successful in my opinion is the Colonels Sitting Room. The mystery of the blood is a deft touch... although I long to see some 'old days of the Indian Raj' trinkets from the Colonels youth as I imagine it (old photo/s, elephants foot, Zebra skin, Zulu shield ...etc...?) ... you know him better then I do though :). Looking forward very much to seeing the distopian New York you mentioned you were working on.

The metaphor (or is it symbolism...) of the shadowy worries escaping the mental box is really bewitching. Nice take on the subject sir! I want to see more of the silhouette on the right (which has it's arms raised). Might there be another piece of work in this one...or a theme? It reminds me of Michael Gagne's work... insanely twisted worries...? or you could have Kev's little book of disquiet instead of Manny's Little book of Calm...:)

ABC old boy!

Candace Trew Camling said...

Great Job! I just went over to the site to see if they had posted my design and saw yours!! I love used book stores too! This book totally makes me think of a book sitting in the back corner thats been ignored for years, and one day is found by the perfect person who will love and cherish the stories!

Mark said...

Kevin (Matt and Candace)... we're very excited by the submissions and extremely honoured that so many people care so much about books that they are willing to share their own creativity and energy to help spread the word. We're also excited that the conversation is taking place everywhere.

Expect an email from me this week to schedule our interview.