Friday, 27 June 2008

Self Portrait

This is a quick digital self portrait done in photoshop... I used the in-built camera in my mac to take the reference shot then sketched this out... start to finish was about 1hr 20mins.
There's some stuff wrong with it but in the time frame it's an ok likeness I think. If the hair looks a bit weird to you, I've got that bit right, I really do have Reed Richard's hair but I'm not quite as flexible as Mr. Fantastic!


Lisa M Griffin said...

this is really impressive, especially for the time frame that you completed it in. I have tried "playing" with Photoshop to create some painted pieces, but still find my work a bit lacking... which make me even more appreciative of this piece.
The eyes are wonderful, really soulful.

Alice said...

I just love the expressions artists have when they do self portraits. There's something very dream-like about this. Have you ever checked out I think you could do some great stuff with their character/creature design challenges. Also why aren't you wearing a fantastic 4 t-shirt? :o)