Monday, 23 June 2008

Big Beautiful Wonder Woman

At the end of last week I discovered a great blog called The Big Beautiful Wonder Woman Blog. The project is run by Jamar Nicholas who says of the blog: "I admire and enjoy the female form in all its sizes, especially ladies with some meat on them. Thus, my idea for collecting art of a bigger-sized Wonder Woman happened..."

He encourages submissions by other artists, and after the Superman redesign I was itching to draw another superhero.

This little project fit the bill perfectly. I wanted to show a big buxom, sexy, wonder woman who was definitely in the larger sizes, it seemed a natural progression to make this into a spoof cover of all those waif-encouraging magazines.

I really enjoyed this, I hope you will too.

Jamar has posted my entry up on the BBWWB along with some truly humbling comments, thanks man!


Phil said...

Chubby Superheros! Genius! What would a SuperSized Hulk look like?

"It's not fat, it's relaxed muscle"

david santos said...

Happy day

kim said...

One of my favorites on the BBWW site!

Bee said...

Amazed how productive you are on this blog, I look away for a few weeks and there are pages of great new drawings to look through! This piece is fantastic, a great take on the character with a funny magazine cover twist (by far the best version on BBWWB.)

Diana Evans said...

this piece is awesome...I love your version of Wonder!

qualia said...