Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Vistobrahma Competition

I found a link over on the ever brilliant DRAWN! for a competition to do an illustration based on the very palatable Brazilian Brahma beer. The brief wanted entries to reflect the Brazilian nature of their brand and express something about the curves of the Brahma bottle.

originally I thought this was the finished piece...

...then I thought this was the finished piece...

But, on further consideration, and in line with advice from Matt and Rup I think the piece needs to be treated more graphically. So I am currently working on an Illustrator version... I hope to enter that and post it here soon.

My basic concept was that the Brahma bottle was quite womanly shaped. Brazilian women are, I think, traditionally thought of as being quite sexy. I liked the juxtaposition, Hour-Glass Figure, Woman, Beer Bottle. I think the Brahma brand is quite cheeky. I had wanted a freer feel to my final piece, in the hope of capturing some Brazilian spirit. I just don't feel it's working for the brand.

If you are interested in entering yourself, check out the competition details here, but you'll need to be speedy as closing date is 25th Jan.

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