Friday, 25 January 2008

The Boy Who Never Grew Up

This was an attempt to show a commercial application to the art I am producing, a cover treatment for Peter Pan.

I felt that Disney had dominated how people see Peter and Hook... If you go back to Barrie's original text, the descriptions aren't exactly specific but Hook is supposed to look like King Charles II and Peter is described as wearing skeleton leaves and the sap from trees which I felt would make him all autumn coloured.
I also felt that Peter should appear in some way feral, hence the mono-brow, my friend Phil doesn't like it and it would be easy enough to edit out, but I think it fits the character...


matt dawson said...

I'm not 100% sure either way RE mono brow but I do love the impishness you've injected into the character. The colour palette as a whole is VERY successful! For too long has Pan been green and I think your approach to hook is just right. Disney's hook (although great) just isn't enough of a villain whereas you have that "sitting at the right hand of the devil" quality to the Captain. You have to believe that he would run Pan through if he catches him, and you certainly believe it of this Hook! The letter forms you've created are the cherry on the cake. I could certainly see it on the shelf at waterstones!

Moony said...

Haven't done much of this in a long time myself but I'd like to comment anyhow:

I agree with Dawson. I love the impishness, and the colors. The firey-ness of Pan is perfect and the lettering turned out most wonderful. Hook's outfit alone draws me in, trying to take in every little detail. They both look a bit wicked and I think that's quite perfect. I agree with your friend about the unibrow, but have an alternative. Why not extend the eyebrows out off of the head? Hm, can't think of a way to describe this other than World of Warcraft. The elves of WoW have extended eyebrows that can look mystical or evil depending on how they are arranged. Might still help with the other-worldy feel of Pan, but keep him looking more like a child than an old man.