Tuesday, 22 January 2008

More Creatures

These were done as part of the PODZ project. I was asked to create a couple of "cute" comedic characters for a further development of the brand. Ultimately they didn't end up having an application.



hi you have a very nice blog n the pics are terrific..
well im new out here:(...ive got nobody visiting my blog..
well as a senior memeber, i would appreciate some support and puclicity from u if possible
do check me out everyone reading this comment
its about english football, and if i get some good audience, im thinking of putting premiership goals of the top 4 during hlftime as from this weekend maybe
thanks..your comments are welcomed too

phoole said...

Hmm, don't think I'll be visiting that, or any other blog about football, but he's right, the pics are terrific. The green elephant thing is superb, I'd love to see more creatures like these, if you have any.

matt dawson said...

Phoole is spot on as always! The Batgaroo type fellow really looks pleased with himself...I think he's probably satisfied with his lot! I love the tentacle 'ears' on the 'miniphant' and the 'finger' 2 nailed legs are a great use of the familiar viewed in a slightly different way. Very successful... how about a menagerie...?

Stephanie said...

all your creatures are great, but these cuties have a lot of personality. They look like they're fun to create!