Monday, 7 January 2008

Meet the Cheshire Cat


I am hoping to use this blog as a place to show things I am working on and hope it will help me to build up momentum and do a proper website.

So for my first posting, Alice in Wonderland, a page of comic art.

Very simply put, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat! It's a favourite scene of mine from the book.

I've abridged Lewis Carrol's original text. I'm not sure how successful the whole piece is, but it's finished and works as something to start off with.


matt dawson said...

At last Kev has a blog! I'm honoured to be the first to comment mate. The Alice page has some lovely things going on. I especially like the treatment of the bark and Alice's expression in the last frame is perfect... curiouser and curiouser! Is the banding on the cat part fur pattern and part 'tuning in' static...?

sq203 said...

Hello Badgerboy, what a great start. Loved seeing your stuff and to see it here for all the world to see. My sisters liked your stuff as well. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Qualia x

Stephanie said...

Great start! It's always tricky abridging a classic, but you seem to have a pretty good flow going here. Alice has so much fun dialog to use! Love the crazy stripes on the Cat