Monday, 14 January 2008

Honey Rider

This was another piece I did for a meeting with a publisher.
The company I was meeting was interested in beasts, but I had already done the Merilla (see previous post below) and felt that as I also had 18 PODZ creatures to show them... another creature alone would be overkill.

For this piece, I had Honey Rider from the Bond film Dr.No in the back of my mind. Now set in a fantasy style world, where she would collect shells and have adventures with her trusty steed. I deliberately made her a brunette, to distinguish her from the associations with Ursula Andress. I just wanted to hint at a number of possible stories... I hope you're imagining them now!

This piece almost exactly fits the rules for the golden section, for those who are interested in that kind of thing:

If this is an alien concept to you, by searching about on the net for Golden Section/Ratio, Fibonacci numbers or Fibonacci Spiral you'll see what the above diagram means and leading on from that, if you search for Divine Proportions you'll learn some fairly interesting things about human proportions too.

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