Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Spark Of Life

It Lives, It Lives, IT LIVES!!!

My take on Frankenstein's Monster.

I'd done a number of sketches of Frankenstein's monster over the last few years with the "what if Disney did Frankenstein" thought in mind, but none them really hit the spot for me. Humour always seemed to give way in favour of cuteness - and my monsters just looked like really ugly film stars that had put too much make-up on.

I was looking for another project to self direct, again to help fill out my portfolio so I started sketching the monster again... I still don't think I'm in Disney territory. It's probably ended up somewhere between Herman Munster and Boris Karloff.


matt dawson said...

Maybe you could do the appropriate B poster for this one...? "He was a driven brilliant scientist...his creation was an innocent in a world that didn't understand him...!" I guess becasue it is Disneyesque your going to needto write a song for Phil Collins too! There's nothing at all wrong with a MunsterKarloff hybrid... or is that Boris-Herman...? You have a great sense of depth in this, the cobble stones were a successful element both for depth and as a suggestion of time period. Am I right, is there a suggestion that the creator is a bit of a sideshow freak owner on the side...? Maybe there is a John Merrick angle to a possible story...?

Kevin Spear said...

Love your approach, Kevin.

Yours has lots of great detail and effects. Sorry I loaded my take on illustration Friday after yours and it was similar. I didn't peek, honest!

The Love Collective said...

Frankie, Baby! It rocks!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

This illustration is really cool.

Rrramone said...

Don't just stand there, dance!

Nik Scarlett said...

Really nice detail in this, man. Great style! Love the electric effect you included.