Sunday, 7 September 2008

Page Four Inked

Page four? Page four? Where the hell is page three?

Yes, it's glaringly obvious that page three has gone missing... where is she? She's sulking, cos I can't bring myself to get involved with that damn night club scene again so soon... I needed a break from drawing loads of people so I moved onto a page where I got to draw the fascist anti-hero that is Judge Dredd.

To my surprise, I really enjoyed drawing the vehicles in panel one and obviously Dredd's grim expression in panel two.

Graeme Neil Reid left some really encouraging comments on the last post. Thanks to Graeme and also PJ Holden, Chris Weston, Chuck Wells, Dave Taylor, Dylan Teague, Stephen Reid, Lee Townsend, Jim Boswell, and Dan Panosian who've all been really supportive of my recent foray into comic art. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone, I really do appreciate you too!

In other exciting news, I'm going to have a Creator Showcase up on Bullet Proof Comics' website soon and also something very exciting might be happening with Taormina too... so watch this space!

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