Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Dredding The Final Two...

I've finished four pages now and I think when seen altogether as a set of samples I'm as happy as I can be with them.

In the script the black boxes are described as " Blackness, Thick, Heavy and Oppressive" and as there was virtually one specified on each page. I decided to add the heartbeat and then use them to try to carry some of the sequential flow from page to page.

I've also tried to make each successive page lighter and lighter as the weight is lifted from the shoulders of the protagonist and as we approach the bright light at the end of the tunnel... if that doesn't give too much away.

one & two

four & five

Judge Dredd © 2008 Rebellion Developments/2000AD

There's some stuff I'm chuffed with on page five, and then there's a couple of things that are like a loose bit of skin near a fingernail that's irritating me. I have to leave those things alone now. It's important to treat the sample as if it were a professional commission and have the discipline to know when it's good enough and move on in order to meet my deadline.

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qualia said...

My word, these look fantastic. Well done, :-)