Saturday, 6 September 2008

More Dredd Pencils

As is my want, I'm pontificating again.

Here's pages 4 and 5 with a bit of re-working and tightened pencil work:

After this, out with the ink, I think!

I just bought Prog 1467 off ebay, it arrived this morning and I'll try hard not to look at it until I have finished my samples... It'll be interesting to see how the original artist approached the script!

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Graeme Neil Reid said...

Very interesting to watch this progress Kevin. I like the roundness you have to the Judge's helmet, always preferred that look and you've followed it through to the rest of the uniform. And I also like your Ron Smith scowls, adds feeling to static object. One thing you have to watch is that you don't make the helmet look 'wide' when you draw it rounded. I hope that make sense, what I mean is that sometimes from an angled shot it easy to accidentally try and draw the full helmet detail when really you wouldn't see it and therefore you widen the shape of the helmet to fit it all in. I don't believe you've done that yourself, you nearly came close in the second page to doing it but it looks fine.

I do remember this story but I can't quite remember the art so I'm going to do the same as you and look at it once you've finished your version. Tharg used to send out trial scripts that where for stories that where due to be published in a few weeks or months but that's obviously changed. I received a script many, many moons ago and after I was a couple of pages in I was dismayed to be reading the latest 2AD and realised that the Dredd story was the script I was working from. Instant fear about what I was doing right or wrong compared to the printed story ;( So stay away from that comic until you've finished!

There's a lot of positives to your work Kevin thats making me think we are looking at a future 2AD artist in the making. You have a good finished look to your art, your inking and colouring complement each other and you don't over 'effect' your work too which I like. Some of your backgrounds can look a bit sparse but not having the script that could be put down to the amount of dialogue going in and to be honest it doesn't bother me as it seems to flow well.

Tharg might very well be watching this as it progresses but if he isn't then when you submit the final work (do they still ask you to send it by mail these days?) you might want to also show the pencil and ink stages of your work as a follow up to the final strip. I know a lot of editors are interested in seeing how you got to the final product. If there is something they're not happy with in the art they can often spot where they think the problem is by looking at earlier stages. And if they do love the art (which I'm sure they will) they can often see potential in you doing 'team up' work with another artist, you doing just pencils or inks or colouring for example. Just a thought.

Keep up the great work!