Wednesday, 10 September 2008

"No Disassemble Number Five"

Here is page five of the Judge Dredd sample script - finished it last night... I'm colouring now.

Sorry if this is getting a bit boring or repetitive, not much more to go on this now and then I have some other pressing projects and other matters to attend to which may shake up the blog a bit - possibly with the result of intermittent posting :-(


Stephen Reid said...

Great page, Kevin!

Rememebr, life and family come first. Drawing comes second...and everything else comes last.

Good luck.

matt dawson said...

Don't appologise for repetitive posts... these are consistent and professional! Your staging has obviously benefitted from the experience, these pages read very clearly, even without copy. Interesting vehicle designs on the last post by the way...and I get it... nice Johnny 5 reference :) The finishing post is in sight!