Tuesday, 28 September 2010

SketchUp Overkill

I may have gone a little bit overboard with this whole SketchUp preparation... hopefully it should make the resultant strip look a whole lot cooler though!

This is a (admittedly not very good) fly-through of the main locations within the mopad I'll be needing in the strip.

I've also made a lawgiver, based on the one I did in my most recent Dredd sketch, which my good pal Matt Soffe did a bang-up colouring job on here by the way.

I think, this lawgiver, with the lawmaster and the bonkers sized scene of Mega-City 1 from last week, rounds out the collection of reference models for Judge Dredd's world that I should need on this strip...


'Dunk!' Nimmo. said...

Wow. Your preparation for your Zarjaz strip is putting mine, for a similar outing, to shame.

Good stuff. :)


Philip Morgan said...

You're such a pro with Sketch-up now, and I'm sure it's all worth it. To have such a large collection of your very own reference models at your fingertips is going be a huge asset. Not just for this strip, but for future (official) Dredd strips too.

matt dawson said...


PS. the ringer was accidentally off on my phone, no blanking your call sir, didn't know it had happened!