Friday, 10 September 2010

PSi Judge Cassandra Anderson

Here's an inked illustration of Judge Anderson I've just done as an inking test trying out some paper with a rougher surface.
It's all about getting those dry brush effects without the expense of losing higher level detail...

Well, I'm pretty happy with it, could see it working as a cover for the Megazine in fact, I'd be glad to hear what you think of it too...
Although I've offered out my services to do commissions before... I really haven't tried to sell anything that I've done off my own back. So as an experiment, I'll be more than happy to sell this to the first person who offers me £50 for it. It's A3, inked straight over the pencils (which is unusual for me as I normally scan and print out my pencils so I have a back-up) so this is a true original never to be available again type item. Oh, and that price will include recorded delivery!

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matt dawson said...

Kev, this is lovely work.You know I really do like the dry brush but the quality of line in the details is great too. The contrast between the dry brush body and the linear shoulder eagle is marvelous... graphic yet with volume. This really could make a wonderful cover. More of this approach, it's wonderful!

PS. when you have time, maybe a 'mainstream' Mucha subject / triptych / seasons ...would sell...?

PPS. word verification "prancho" the Spanish tale of a little wooden bandito who wanted to become a real boy bandit...?!