Tuesday, 21 September 2010

An Emperor for The Emperor

So here's a little sketch I did a while ago for the enigmatically named Emperor, a long time supporter and collaborator of mine.

Simply put, it was as part of the Art Swap that my cohorts on Fractal Friction and I were doing, I've just been notified that it's arrived at it's destination (and thanked) - so I can now share it with the world, well, those of you who visit here anyway!

Here's a quick reminder that I'll currently do an A4 sketch of this kind for £15 inc. P&P.


matt dawson said...

Superb sketch Kev. I won't pun any emperor dialogue from the films (although I was tempted :) Do make sure to have a 'for sale' section or similar when you next redo your site. Maybe take a bundle of wares to the next convention and wear a 'stop me and buy one' T-shirt ;) There's many out there that will patronize you Kev, if you draw it they will come! Oh, OK... put "you want this...? TAKE IT! Pay me £15 for IT. I have a GREAT MANY THINGS for you to buy!.... There, got the quotes out of my system :)

Emperor said...

This is even better on paper and made all the better for being a complete surprise!!