Friday, 27 November 2009

Regarding Batman

Another sketch today. The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, Gotham's Vigilante/Playboy Billionaire Schizophrenic answer to yesterday's sketch of Superman. He's darker, harder and meaner but just as much of a tragic hero in my opinion. Again, the interest for me is in the emotional core of the character.

I always think of the Batsuit being run up on some Victorian sewing machine by Alfred - In the same way I like to imagine Martha Kent sowing up Clark's Superman suit - I'd end up with hundreds of 'sewn' lines if I let loose - the whole home-made thing really appeals to me - I mean, really, those hero suits HAVE to be home-made don't they?


matt dawson said...

I loved the set up in Incredibles where Edna Mode makes all the suits for the supers, but then again I love your idea of Alfred and his cast iron singer machine (draw it, draw it!). Wouldn't it be good to see a hero costume stitched together more like Edward Scissorhands suit (or Burtons take on Catwoman for that matter)...? I reckon a vigilante worth his or her salt is more concerned with matters other than ability with needle and thread :) You've really captured the brooding quality of Batman in this sketch sir (or is it Bruce in a cowl that you've actually drawn...:)

Philip Morgan said...

Nice sketch Kev, and if Alfred doesn't sew the bat-costume, then he'd at least have to know about car body work, jet engines, secret entrance/garage door maintenance, custom build computer engineering. Because there's no way Bruce would have the time to do all that himself.

Ps. Not sure if I should put post this, and I'll understand if you want to delete this message of your family friendly blog. But the Word Verification for this message is: upshe. Make of that what you will.

mygrimmbrother said...

Very nice sketch this, Kev. Any chance of seeing it inked up?