Friday, 6 November 2009

Zenith and Gronk

Earlier in the year, I illustrated two strips for the fab chaps at FutureQuake Press...
The first was Red Dragon, a Zenith prequel.

The second was Strontium Gronk, A Strontium Dog spin-off.

What do you mean you still haven't bought copies? GO NOW and order them... PLEASE?

Unlettered art for all the pages can be found both on my comicspace page and on my DeviantART.


Emperor said...

And good they are too. Seeing themseide-by-side underlines the different styles you used - black vs greytones - which work to great effect in both stories.

I can't imagine the FQP boys letting you slip through their grasp - so what are you working on for the Spring batch?

mygrimmbrother said...

Yeah, both wonderful strips and considering they're your first in print a stunning debut Kev. Seeing them side by side like this I have to say the Zenith one comes off tops for me because of the strong deployment of black areas, but I appreciate you tired out different approaches and that's commendable. Can't wait for that Wulf one dude!

mygrimmbrother said...

Sorry, that should be 'tried out', not 'tired out'!