Tuesday, 10 November 2009

15 Minute Dredd Running

Whilst I'm busy on stuff I can't show... here's a morning warm-up.
Yup, 'nother one of those 15 minute Dredds!

I ran out of paper (and in some ways time also) hence the lack of Judge Dredd's boot on his leading leg!

...curse my haste, Dredd there is trailing an arm and a leg from the same side, a natural running pose would have opposite sides leading. Bless photoshop transform command - see how much better this is:


Dave said...

Phenomenal 15 mins work Kev!

mygrimmbrother said...

Very impressive indeed sir. Please ink it up if you have time! Actually I've had a few beers and just had a thought - could I have a go at inking it?!?!?!

Craig Collins said...

Some excellent work here Kev, your Dredd is great!