Friday, 20 November 2009

Ernest Errol Quinch

After I posted DR yesterday, there were requests for his best friend to join him here - apparently you can't have one without the other.

There is one small regret I have with this sketch, and it has to do with when the doughnut idea happened - notably after I had sketched the signature smiley badge! The smiley always appears on that side of Quinch and so he would need to be seen from the other side from the jam-drip joke to work - ah well, if I decide to do a pic of DR& Quinch again, you know I'll make sure that I work it out so this idea works properly... BUT, that is what sketches are for, innit? - working things out!


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matt dawson said...

This pair are great! As you know Kev I wouldn't know of the story but looking at these two I would like to see more. Bags of quirky character in the sketches. You really do do well constructed anatomy but with humour VERY well sir! As you say sketches are for sorting it all out, that's what makes them so interesting for people interested in your process!